• linxarates

    Linxa Rates simplifies the rate sheet management process. Linxa Rates automatically recognizes and converts different types of rate sheets, allowing users to import detailed rate information to their systems and perform detailed analysis. more

  • linxasimulate

    Linxa Simulate lets you perform detailed analysis before implementation of any business decision. It lets you precisely project your costs on alternative routing scenarios and new rate sheets from vendors by taking your traffic distribution into account. more

  • linxaroute

    Linxa Route automatically generates and manages routing plans. Linxa Route creates optimum routing plans by taking into account multiple user inputs for different criteria and continuously monitors the network to improve performance. more

  • linxamonitor

    Linxa Monitor allows telcos to manage and control their interconnect business by monitoring and analyzing data in real time to provide an overview of business performance. more

  • linxabill

    Linxa Bill provides comprehensive financial management of the interconnect business. Linxa Bill automatically generates periodic statements and facilitates dispute settlement with interconnect partners. more


    Linxa has a proprietary routing distribution algorithm that is proven to decrease interconnect costs by up to 20% while significantly increasing quality with references at tier 1 carriers and operators.


    Operators and carriers are continuously engaged in complex bilateral negotiations and it's hard to project the impact of these deals. Linxa lets you simulate your traffic using different routing scenarios to precisely project the impact of your decisions on your cost structure.


    Linxa generates the optimum routing to achieve the lowest cost with the best quality while honoring bilateral commitments. Routing is dynamically adjusted in order to reflect cost/quality changes and to meet the requirements of bilateral agreements.


    Linxa dynamically adjusts the routing for bilateral deals to distribute the committed traffic throughout the deal period. If any commitment is fulfilled before period end then the routing for that destination is automatically adjusted. Bilateral deal optimization allows operators and carriers to further optimize their routing costs.


    Due to the data intensive nature of the wholesale business we have developed our own proprietary data processing technology using an innovative design approach that allows Linxa to perform more than 500x faster compared to traditional systems.


    Linxa Monitor processes the live data from the switches and reports the traffic distribution and quality data in real time to increase business efficiency and improve network performance.


    Our innovative software infrastructure provides a flexible design to work with all types of hardware and other software in the existing infrastructure of operators/carriers, with a very short implementation period.


    Modular design approach within an integrated user interface allows you to manage all aspects of your interconnect business from a single interface.


    Linxa is an innovative software company that provides interconnect business optimization solutions to telecom carriers and operators. We enable telecom companies to manage every aspect of their wholesale business through a single interface.

    Our aim is to help our customers gain a competitive advantage by significantly increasing their quality, efficiency and profitability through our solution. Linxa focuses on building long lasting relationships with customers spread throughout 3 continents.


    Linxa was founded in 2010 by serial entrepreneurs with in depth experience in enterprise software applications in a variety of industries. Currently the Company employs professionals highly experienced in software and telecommunication industries.

    In 2011 Linxa joined forces with AveaLabs and moved its headquarters to the technopark, an office park that exclusively hosts R&D focused IT companies, to strengthen its industry expertise and increase its R&D efforts.

    In 2012 Linxa successfully launched its updated end-to-end solution Linxa Connect. Currently, Linxa Connect is in use at multiple carriers and operators in 3 continents.

    In the beginning of 2013 Linxa has added Dr. Paul Doany to its team as a board member and advisor to further strengthen its industry expertise. Dr. Paul Doany previously held CEO and board membership positions in various Telecommunications and IT companies over the past 25 years.


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