Blockchain Gateway

Blockchain Gateway

Linxa’s Blockchain Gateway gives control of signalling and access to the blockchain database at the same time.

  • Generates own CDRs without any mediation or switch integration
  • Actively blocks incoming traffic if wrong CLI is detected
  • Actively blocks incoming traffic if FAS is detected
  • Can be easily integrated to any switching environment through standard SIP trunks
  • Eliminates disputes using self generated One CDRs and smart contracts

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Signaling + Blockchain Features

The Linxa Blockchain Gateway is a trusted network element that detects and blocks CLI manipulated calls at its source by ensuring that outgoing leg of the call has the same A+B number as the incoming leg. This allows the Linxa Blockchain Gateway to eliminate origin network based and middle-men CLI fraud.

The Linxa Blockchain Gateway can be configured to exchange rate information in SIP signalling during direct communication. It also accepts getting rate information in SIP messages and actively decides to accept or block traffic by calculating marginal profit. This is a new way of doing rate negotiation at the signalling level.

Automated provisioning allows interconnecting with other Linxa Blockchain Gateways instantly. There is no need to verify calls or CDRs, so carriers can start direct exchange of undisputable traffic with their partners right away.

The Linxa Blockchain Gateway can be configured to actively block incoming traffic if the wrong CLI is detected by instantly accessing blockchain database during signalling.

The Linxa Blockchain Gateway can be easily integrated to any switching environment through SIP signalling. No CDR integration required.

One CDR Features

The Linxa Blockchain Gateway generates correlated CDRs (One CDR) automatically without any switch or mediation system integration.

All Blockchain Gateways feature an advanced time synchronization algorithm. They run the same clock solving Date/Time differences in CDRs.

The Linxa Blockchain Gateway has support for rate exchange smart contracts.

The Linxa Blockchain Gateway has support for ordered bilateral and swap deal rating so that deal threshold changes are always handled in the same rated CDR.

The Linxa Blockchain Gateway has Linxa Rates and other services such as iXLink integration for automatically importing rate data from external sources.

Any 2 blockchain gateways are guaranteed to generate identical One CDR with correct rating. In return, disputes can really be eliminated.

Setup, Scalability and Redundancy Features

The Linxa Blockchain Gateway can share hardware resources with other Linxa systems reducing costs.

The Linxa Blockchain Gateway can be hosted on Linxa Cloud or on premise.

The Linxa Blockchain Gateway runs on all standard hardware from vendors such as Dell, HP, IBM, etc.

The Linxa Blockchain Gateway has unlimited scalability (absolutely no CAPS limit).

The Linxa Blockchain Gateway has built in hot-standby reliability tolerating node failures without any loss.

The Linxa Blockchain Gateway works with any Softswitch or SBC including the Linxa Switch and Linxa SIP Proxy.

The Linxa Blockchain Gateway works with any OSS/BSS system including Linxa Connect.

The Linxa Blockchain Gateway can interconnect with any switch in the world through SIP over UDP.

Delivery Methods

  • On Premise

    On Premise

    Our dedicated team works together with your teams to design the optimal implementation plan on your existing infrastructure to ensure a seamless migration. Our technology allows Linxa Blockchain Gateway to easily communicate with all switches and SBCs in the market. By obtaining a full license, you have the control to configure, manage and operate the system on your premises.

    Your financial preference is our priority: With the fully licensed model, customers have the option of paying the license fees up-front as part of their Capex investment and then annual maintenance, or choose to pay on a monthly recurring basis.

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  • Cloud


    Linxa Blockchain Gateway utilizes the powerful and fully integrated Linxa Blockchain Gateway in a secure, geo-redundant, scalable and highly available SaaS environment. The cloud software is always kept updated with the latest version that features the newest developments; giving you the peace of mind on avoiding costly upgrades. You can be up and running on our hosted platform as quick as a week with full training provided to your employees.

    Linxa also offer a hosted dedicated platform either on public or private cloud as required.

    Based on monthly payment plan that correlates to your actual volumes, a discounted option to pay up-front is also available.

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